ARTT Token

ARTT Token

Token that fosters creative dreams.

The ARTT Scholarship Token seeks to support artists worldwide by financing their endeavors. This token is an investment in the lines and minds of artists that also brings about multiple folds of investment returns via selling their artworks for money.


Welcome to the first crypto-funded scholarship platform!

Join the ARTT platform to sell your works in the form of NFT. As an artist, you will receive royalties for every transaction involving your work. In addition, you will have the chance to receive a 12-month creative scholarship.


Sell your art


Get scholarship


ARTT Network Payment Card


Giving value, to get more value.

As an investor, you are investing in persons, value, and talent, and ultimately, you get back returns. Through your financing, we create a plethora of new artists and original, extraordinary artworks sold on various NFT platforms and Metaverses.


Returns from investments


Buy, sell & exchange


ARTT Network Payment Card


We are a community that seeks to invest in creativity.

As an investor you can lend your ARTT in DAO and Distribution Pool. Both have APY starting from 30%. Investors who lend their ARTT in DAO will receive ARTT Tokens and have the voting rights for artists to receive scholarships.


Extra ARTT Tokens


Voting rights


ARTT Network Payment Card


Blockchain Technology Centre at Lazarski University


Looking to the Future.

Q1 2023

  • Creation of the website for the scholarship program
  • Launch of marketing campaign
  • Signing deals with the first schools of ARTT to discover exceptional creators
  • Audit of the smart contract finished
  • Start of Public Sale

Q2 2023

  • Staking and swapping ARTT tokens enabled
  • Launch of ARTT network branded payment cards
  • Formation of DAO to vote on funding specific scholarships for individual creators
  • Launch of ARTT Network platform
  • Full-scale marketing to promote the project and scout for outstanding creators globally

Q3 2023

  • Established partnerships with NFT Marketplaces
  • Facilitating on-ramp and off-ramp for ARTT tokens
  • Inaugural sale of art on NFT platforms and distribution of initial payments to ARTT token holders
  • Secured partnerships with leading Metaverses to exhibit creators’ work


Let’s fund Creators who are ready to grow.

By integrating the ARTT Card with popular digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, we offer a seamless and convenient payment solution for our whole community.


Wojtek Kaszycki
Anik Ghosh

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    Read an in-depth analysis.

    The ARTT Scholarship Token, which the MBM Foundation issues, seeks to support artists worldwide by financing their endeavors. There is already the support of investors and crypto enthusiasts alike who want to see artists who would not normally have any support be given the funding and resources they require to help them create and grow.